Father’s Day is much more dreading than Mother’s Day. It is not entirely clear why, but let’s be honest; it is so much easier to shop for mum, than it is for dad. Can you hear me sigh?
Take it from me, my dad never wants anything. Well, that is not entirely true, when I was younger he told us he would be happy if we tidied our room as a Christmas or birthday present for him. Not necessarily the ideal gift a 9-year-old has in mind for their dad. So we laughed or rolled our eyes and bought him shower gel instead. Be as it might, father’s day is around the corner and we need ideas, fast. Well, there is the option of perfume or a shirt or maybe even renting him a sports car and heading out to the country side. Yeah, been there done that, got the ‘But-I-said-I-didn’t-want-anything’ speech.
So what could you do if you’re in the same or similar situation like me?
How about some quality family time? Head out to London for the weekend? See the sights, have dinner and treat your wonderful father to a West End show? Brilliant idea, I know. To make things easier for you and to avoid discussions on why Matilda is not the show he wanted to see, let us offer you some shows that we’re sure would make every father out there feel extra special. (We had discussions in the office about that, several long ones.) Nothing against Matilda though, all dads love to see their kids happy as well. 😉
When your dad still dreams about being a Rock star; take him to see SCHOOL OF ROCK. The movie was a hit and Andrew Lloyd Webber gave it a brilliant once over. Hey, if Jack Black loves it, your dad will love it too. Shhh… the best thing, it shows 2 twice on Saturday and once on Sunday afternoon.
The latest addition to Rock musicals is BAT OUT OF HELL. Meat Loaf my friends. Not talking about the dinner option here, although… nah. His and Jimmy Steinman’s greatest hits. Had their world premiere on June 5th at the Colosseum. This stage is perfect of it. The perfect Friday or Saturday night choice should you make a weekend out of it.
If you want to turn it into date night for your dad and his better half (and you yourself can head off to see An American in Paris or The Girls), why not go classic with a classic? THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is a good choice, it has been enchanting people for more than 20 years now.
Or a more recent addition but still a classic; HALF A SIXPENCE. It is the talk of the town right now. It’s not on for much longer and definitely a treat. This is our hidden gem as far a musicals go.
If your dad is more a fan of plays, we can sort you out as well. LOVE IN IDLENESS or THE PHILANTHROPIST are both captivating comedy plays with brilliant stories and amazing casts to boot. And if he needs a real pick me up, you can take him to THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG or their other stroke of genius THE COMEDY ABOUT A BANK ROBBERY. Both play Saturday and Sunday, twice each day. That gets you sorted.
Still, THE MOUSETRAP is the grand dame in the West End. Go see it, and turn it into a tradition. When your time comes, ask your children to go see that with you, as you’ve seen it with your dad before, so it’s a tradition after all.
Also, we can offer entertainment shows as well. STOMP has been a hit for many years with its energy and various styles of performing arts. The latest edition to that is TAPE FACE. A brilliant mime comedy show.
I hope this little collection helps you to find a sparking idea on what to do with your dad on Father’s Day. Please fear not, we do sell for over 40 West End shows. That’s a lot of tickets, so even there’s nothing on our list right now, our team can definitely help you to find the perfect show this Father’s Day. Pop by in Leicester Sq. (48 Cranbourn St.) or in our booths at Westfield Shopping Centres. You can ring us as well, call 02070872920 and book comfortably over the phone. We’re there for from 10.00-19.00 every day.
Until next time.