January is done and Valentine’s Day is upon us. For all you big planners out there who have counted all their eggs already, kudos to you. Anyone else who likes to live a bit more adventurous, we have a last minute list of shows you could surprise your better half with this Valentine’s.

Oldies but Goldies,

The phantom of the opera is one of the classics and does fit with it’s dramatic story and concept of undying love beautifully into your loved up day. It recently celebrated it’s 31st Birthday in the West End and has still not lost any of it’s charm, beauty and magic. The story is concerned with the entwined fortunes of an opera company and a ghostly phantom that haunts the show – seemingly determined to rid the production of its leading soprano and to supplant her with talented chorus girl Christine Daae.

Christine could become a star in her own right if she had the right training. Now she is actually being tutored by the Phantom who has fallen in love with her, only to see her old childhood sweetheart, Raoul, arrive on the scene and capture her heart.


PhantomLes Miserables is the second longest running play in the West End and with good reason. It cleverly weaves several interlocking stories and yet at the defining centre is the tale of Jean Valjean (prisoner 24601), the reformed criminal, previously convicted and sentenced for 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread.

This stunning musical is set against the June Rebellion of the 1830’s and the Student Uprising in Paris. The absolute poverty and deplorable conditions suffered by the citizens of the city are witnessed through the eyes of such desperate souls as Fantine and of course Valjean, who is embarked on a heroic struggle for redemption and also to evade capture after he breaks the conditions of his parole.

Les Mis

If you want to dance the night away to upbeat music, so come and meet those dancing feet on 42nd Street.

Young Peggy Sawyer is fresh off the bus from small-town America and just another face in the chorus line on Broadway’s newest show. But when the leading lady gets injured, Peggy might just have the shot at stardom she’s always dreamed of…

42nd Street

Would you like to woo the love of your life with a play, these are a sure hit;

Lady Windermere’s Fan, is the second in the Vaudeville’s Oscar Wilde season. This romantic comedy is the perfect treat for Valentine’s, a great story and a cast to boost. A strictly limited run. You gave me this fan today; it was your birthday present. If that woman crosses my threshold, I shall strike her across the face with it.’ The day of Lady Windermere’s birthday party, and all is perfectly in order. Until her friend Lord Darlington plants a seed of suspicion. Is her husband having an affair? And will the other woman really attend the party?


A classic, with a second run now in the West End. Girl From The North Country is set in 1934, and, in the midst of the Great Depression, a Duluth, Minnesota family sits on a knife edge, their future indeterminate. Lost and lonely people drift through the rooms of their guesthouse, as the future of the community teeters on a knife-edge. The owner of the guesthouse, Nick, owes more money than he can ever repay, his wife Elizabeth is losing her mind and their daughter Marianne is carrying a child no-one will account for. And, when a preacher selling bibles and a boxer looking for a comeback show up in the middle of the night, things start to spiral beyond the point of no return… But Nick thinks he’s seen a way out.

Girl North

If you want to cry laughing, then we have this one for you; The Play that Goes Wrong. Now in it’s 4th disastrous year. The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society has decided to perform a murder mystery play. However, it soon becomes apparent that the cast are incredibly hopeless as mishap follows mishap. The only thing being murdered here is the play they are valiantly trying to stage.

Everything that can go wrong, as the title of the comedy suggests, does go wrong. The show has been a resounding success wherever it as played and has left audiences in helpless fits of laughter.

Play That Goes WrongWe hope this gives you some ideas on what to do on that special night. These are our picks and there’s more where they came from. We can offer tickets to all major West End shows. So have a browse and if you’d like to talk to us in person, feel free to call us on 02070872920. Monday to Saturday. 10.00-19.00.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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